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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Church of Skatin!

Every Sunday my brother and I hit the streets of Philadelphia on our skateboards.  We hit old favorites and search for new spots.  In a city like Philadelphia the street skate spot options are endless.  One of our goals of this blog is to constantly update our customized Google Map with new spots, so that every skater in the city can easily find and shred our discoveries:)

The first spot we visited is on Broad street, close to the sports stadiums.  It's a series of long, super waxed ledges of various heights and shapes... the perfect place for us to warm up. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!  Just like all of our favorite skate spots, this one is a non-bust.  No one cares that you're there, so you can mess around for hours if you want.

After leaving the ledges we drove to a favorite of ours...  a sweet sidewalk incline to curb spot a couple blocks down from Bainbridge on 9th ave. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT! We love this little spot! It's got a low bust factor, and the double-sided curb is waxed nice... perfect for nose-slides, rails, grinds, and whatever else you come up with.  After shredding a bit there we went over to the Chapterhouse Coffee Shop and chugged down a couple double-espressos.  Being old like us, we need the added juice to keep pushing around!!

From there we spend hours exploring the city, finding new spots and loving life!  We discovered a ton of spots we've never seen before, and since we didn't have our camera, we'll be visiting those spots again next week to take pictures, and share those locations with you. 

Check out all the spots we've documented by CLICKING HERE!!


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